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The ARITMO project claims to analyse the arrhythmic potential of drugs in the following classes of study drugs (> 250 compounds): antipsychotics, anti-infectives (antibacterials, antimycotics and antivirals ) and H1-antihistamines, globally and in specific subgroups (age, co-morbidity, genetically).

The strategy to be followed consists on using existing data and generating a wealth of new data through field, database and in silico studies. From the literature and a variety of databases information on the risk of QTc prolongation, Torsade de Pointes, ventricular fibrillation and sudden death will be obtained and analysed at a pre-clinical, clinical and postmarketing level. An international prospective case-control surveillance network will run in UK, Germany, Italy and Netherlands and will collect data on risk factors as well as blood samples for candidate gene analyses. These data collections will be harmonized, extended and continued during the study and will provide unique opportunities to assess both the associations with specific drugs as well as the interaction with genetic factors. Finally, all information generated will be integrated in order to provide lists that will allow ranking the arrhythmic potential of antihistaminics, antipsychotics and antiinfective drugs by selected parameters.

VII Framework Programme
ARITMO is  a Research and Development project funded by the Health Area of the European Comission under the  VII Framework Programme